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The founder has been a gamer pretty much his entire life, starting at the age o eight with a spectrum and later evolving into a PC. He started playing online around 1996, almost at the same time that he took his first steps into networking and game server hosting.

That designed his path into IT where he has been working for nearly 25 years as a Systems Administrator.

As a gamer, from Jumping Jack, Diablo 1, Unreal Tournament 99, Counter Strike, America's Army, among many other titles until today. Lately he focuses more on CoD MP/WZ and World of Warships.
Throughout his gaming life, he was a clan leader, national coach, referee in Clanbase(forever missed) and semi-professional player between 2001 and 2003. He also worked together with some game developers in order to help them fight cheating and RMT.

His clans and methods always excelled at being examples for the communities with little to no toxicity, no matter the scenario.
He also worked as a translator and moderator on some web based games and more recently on Perfect World Mobile.

He decided to create this project, so he can bring to gamers, esports organizations and their families a more ethical and responsible approach to online gaming.

There is more to gaming than sitting in front of a PC or a TV and game mindlessly for hours. While that is also valid, it is much more interesting if we can learn and work on our personal development while doing it.

Our founder learnt his main professional skill due to gaming alongside other soft skills due to gaming and if he can, we all can. 

So our aim with this project is to bring evolution and personal development for you as a person as a gamer and maybe even help your family understand that there is no need for online gaming to be taboo and not a valid career choice!

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"Gaming is only a waste of time, if you learn nothing from it, but change comes from the person, not the gamer."

Andre "Megatron" Cesar de Sa Founder, Mentor and Coach